Sibling rivalry

Why are younger siblings liked so much more than older ones -there isn't anything wrong with older kids is there?

Younger siblings never get in trouble and I mean NEVER.

You might pick yourself or your sibling out of the things below. You will either fight about sitting in the front, say “Fine.” or start complaining to your parents about how you're older so, you should sit in the front. When you're in the front you have the radio, the armrest, warm seats, lollies and mums coke. When you're in the back your immortal enemy is sitting in the luxurious seat plus you are in the uncomfortable spot.

Or they do this:
Hanging out with your friends I don't know about you but my brother definitely howls at the fact that I'm hanging out with my friends and he's not he is just staying at home with his boring toys. This is exactly what we shout she went to Chloe's house yesterday well he went to Jack's.
But why do we care about who hangs out when.

The Most annoying thing is when they
Get new things:Younger siblings always get what they want. These are the words: mummy me want an action man sure darling younger siblings say. Older siblings just say mum I want a YouTube ch annel no.  Seriously all you say to me is no unless it's dancing related then sure darling. When your not getting things you have to wait at shops for the other kid to get a toy. When you complain about it your parents just say you can have something at home like really. The worst thing is when they brag about their amazing toy.

Although, sometimes hardly ever it's the other way around which is my favourite part of having a sibling. Although I dislike my brother sometimes my life wouldn't be the same without him.


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