Science journal 6

Science journal 6
Vortex wing

This week for our first rotation Amos and I made a vortex wing.  It didn’t work for either of us. I originally thought the weight wasn’t evenly spread out but once I tried evening it out it still didn’t work. I now know that it isn’t about evening the weight.  Amos thought that it didn’t work because it didn’t have enough wind. I wonder if it was tried on a windier day if it would work. I wonder if it spread the weight more evenly on a windy day, if it would make a difference.

My data gatherings are relational because I don’t have evidence but I think they can be useful for others and I can learn from them.  My inferences are relational because others can learn from them  and i hope that they will be beneficial for me and others.


  1. Great science enquiry - let's do some research to find out some more about it.


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