science journal 5

Science journal 5

Flight group

This week we have been learning about flight.  We have looked at gliding vs flying. Flying is a controlled movement using the four forces where as gliding is not using the four forces or being controlled.

Man made structures are not made by nature for example a leaf vs a plane, the leaf is made by nature the plane is man made and uses the four forces

There are four forces for a man made structure.  Although some nature naturally have some of the forces, like a bird naturally have thrust in their wings. The four forces are lift,drag,thrust and weight.

I  wonder what would happen if the engines stopped working.  I wonder what would happen if the weight changed. My learning for Inferences are multistructural because I am not able to support my inferences with evidence.  My data gatherings are multistructural because I can't support them with evidence and they may not all be correct.


  1. This is engineering and problem solving at its best. Grandad would have loved that you're interested in flight!


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