Camp 2017

On camp I got really scared, because apparently people were walking towards my cabin and the hall lights were flickering on and off I said to them “Stop.” But the creepiness just kept coming, because they wouldn't stop. I practically jumped out of my skin and sprinted into the hall. I wonder whether there were actually people walking towards my cabin and if I really needed to be scared which I probably didn't.  I felt quite annoyed after they did that.  After all of that the teachers came charging in “Beeeee quiet. You need to be asleep.”  This is not what it was like the next day, in fact it was probably worse.

My most annoying moment let's see what was it? Oh that's right drama, you know on movies there's always lots of drama going on? Well that's what it was like, at least that's what it felt like. There was a lot of drama going on between ⅚ of people in my cabin and a person in another cabin. This is what it was like: “Well you said this because you said that.” It was really annoying. I know when it started which was when someone in my cabin left. I wonder whether, if the person who left had stayed, there would have been as much draaaaaaaaaaaama. Okay now I might be exaggerating a little.  I think I did have one happy moment- actually I had a few. But it seems like I didn't have many because I had soooooo many annoyed moments.

When we did search and rescue my group didn't get found.  My group didn’t get get found because we hid very well or maybe the other people weren't very good at finding people.  I wonder if we were actually needing to be rescued if we would have been found.  Although I was loving the pride of hiding well, it wouldn't have been good to not have been found.

In conclusion I had a great camp apart from all of the drama and stuff like that.  The scary parts were actually a great highlight of my camp because it gave me a lot of tension.  I wish it lasted longer and if it can't last longer then I would like to go again but with less people because I would be able to have more turns at everything.


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