Science journal

Week 4

Trebuchet if you have been looking at my science journal on my blog you will know that we have been doing a science journal about rocket balloon science each week.   This week we started focusing on a trebuchet catapult. I think that this has really helped my learning about gathering/interpreting data and inferencing.  I noticed that the more weights we put in the further it goes until about the seventh try it had a lot of weights and didn't go as far as the one before it. I think it didn't go as far because the more weight pushed it down faster and so wasn't able to get as directed therefore couldn't get as much height to go further. I wonder if there is a certain weight that will make it go further than without or with more weight  in the counterweight.   My data gatherings are multistructural because some things are accurate but some maybe are not accurate or reliable.  My inferences are multistructural because they aren't all accurate but I think a few of them are accurate and reliable enough. 


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