Responsible citizen reflection

At the start of the term my understanding was unistructural because I didn't know much about being a responsible citizen, I probably only knew one thing.

Now I think my learning is extended abstract because I turn up to radio dj on time which I wasn't doing before and I can remind others to do the same. This term I think I have shown that I am a responsible citizen by picking up rubbish all the time, I'm turning up to my duties on time and putting my hand up to be a wet day monitor for other classes.  My social science project helps others be responsible citizen because it has the effect of following the law that you can not be cruel to animals.   My challenges were getting everything done on time and figuring out how to present my learning because I kept changing how to present all my learning.

Overall I think I have learnt a lot this term probably more than I have any other years. I think that this very valuable learning and I am glad that I have learnt it because I will be able to take it away and do something great for the world. 


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