Responsible citizen

Responsible citizen?✅

Are you a responsible citizen?✅ A responsible citizen cares and has some important qualities to play in making our community safe,strong and clean. One of the qualities of a responsible citizen is that they follow rules and laws.If they didn't follow rules and laws people could easily get hurt orbullied. For example if your teacher said please don't bully you would most likely not listen and would keep bullying people. Since most people do follow rules and laws people don’t get hurt as often as they would if as many people didn’t follow rules and laws as they do now. My parents show that they follow rules and laws by stopping when they are supposed to.

Another quality is caring for nature if people didn't do this we would not have a healthy life or environment which wouldn't be good. Since people do care about nature, rivers aren’t polluted which means we can drink from the tap water without getting sick. Some schools have a thing where there are no rubbish bins, so everybody has to take their rubbish home which is a great way to stop the world being as messy as it usually is. Mrs Pageot has this quality and she shows it by picking up rubbish and asking others to do the same so the world will be a tidier place.

Helping others is another quality of being a able to find everything. The world would not be a safe
place because everyone would be hurt all of the time and would not get helped. Olivia has this quality and she shows it by looking out for others who are hurt or sad.

In conclusion I think being a responsible citizen is a great thing in life. I hope that this will help you be a responsible citizen of the world.


  1. Great ideas here - well on your way to being a responsible citizen!


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