I am limo

I am a limo,
always extending my ideas,
as long as  possible.

I am a skyscraper,
always pushing past the limits,
thinking up, up and away.

I am a pencil,
always keeping my mind
sharp and clean.

I am a cherry,
mostly connected to my family,
occasionally apart.

I am a tortilla,
filled to the brim with bright food,
cheesy carrots.

I am a tie-dye t-shirt,
colourful, bright and messy,
with a little bit of dark purple.

Ko Gabriella ahau.
I am Gabriella.


  1. Great writing....well done.

  2. Great writing I love the way you connected other things to be like you and I can relate to you because I am bright and messy to so I am so glad you put this up well done ✅


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