Flying Dogs

Do you have a dog? A dog with balloons attached to it? Or have you only seen something like that? I have one, at least last time I checked I did. Oh I haven't introduced. myself well my name is Eva-Grace,you can call me Evarace. I have a dog named Spot. He isn't that big but he fits me perfectly. He gets flying lessons but isn't the best so he still gets pulled by the balloons. We love to walk through the park, during the witching hour, 3am in the morning.  

Sibling rivalry

Why are younger siblings liked so much more than older ones -there isn't anything wrong with older kids is there?

Younger siblings never get in trouble and I mean NEVER.

You might pick yourself or your sibling out of the things below. You will either fight about sitting in the front, say “Fine.” or start complaining to your parents about how you're older so, you should sit in the front. When you're in the front you have the radio, the armrest, warm seats, lollies and mums coke. When you're in the back your immortal enemy is sitting in the luxurious seat plus you are in the uncomfortable spot.

Or they do this:
Hanging out with your friends I don't know about you but my brother definitely howls at the fact that I'm hanging out with my friends and he's not he is just staying at home with his boring toys. This is exactly what we shout she went to Chloe's house yesterday well he went to Jack's.
But why do we care about who hangs out when.

The Most annoy…

Science journal 6

Science journal 6
Vortex wing

This week for our first rotation Amos and I made a vortex wing.  It didn’t work for either of us. I originally thought the weight wasn’t evenly spread out but once I tried evening it out it still didn’t work. I now know that it isn’t about evening the weight.  Amos thought that it didn’t work because it didn’t have enough wind. I wonder if it was tried on a windier day if it would work. I wonder if it spread the weight more evenly on a windy day, if it would make a difference.

My data gatherings are relational because I don’t have evidence but I think they can be useful for others and I can learn from them.  My inferences are relational because others can learn from them  and i hope that they will be beneficial for me and others.

science journal 5

Science journal 5

Flight group

This week we have been learning about flight.  We have looked at gliding vs flying. Flying is a controlled movement using the four forces where as gliding is not using the four forces or being controlled.

Man made structures are not made by nature for example a leaf vs a plane, the leaf is made by nature the plane is man made and uses the four forces

There are four forces for a man made structure.  Although some nature naturally have some of the forces, like a bird naturally have thrust in their wings. The four forces are lift,drag,thrust and weight.

I  wonder what would happen if the engines stopped working.  I wonder what would happen if the weight changed. My learning for Inferences are multistructural because I am not able to support my inferences with evidence.  My data gatherings are multistructural because I can't support them with evidence and they may not all be correct.

For goodness sake how am I supposed to do this

My insides tighten, hesitatingly I step forward. 
Wait. I better start from the beginning it's about 2:00 pm at Lake Wakatipu which is cold, even on the sunniest days because it is surrounded by a mountain range. I won't stop bugging my dad about going into the ice cold water. I look at the shingle through the shallow water but as I look farther out I see a deep blue bruise floating on top of the water.  I guess even if didn't make it all the way out to the pontoon either a water tractor or a boat will pick me up.    
I can hear the scarce beating of my heart  as I shake into the water. I'm thinking “I can  swim I can swim”.  Wait, what? I'm here climbing up the pontoon ladder. I'm stone cold. The worst thing is that I'm only wearing togs. I wish I was wearing a wetsuit I would be a lot warmer I think.  Anyway I should probably stop thinking about being cold.  Jumping in is like jumping off a cliff except there is more rubbish down where my face is about t…

Camp 2017

On camp I got really scared, because apparently people were walking towards my cabin and the hall lights were flickering on and off I said to them “Stop.” But the creepiness just kept coming, because they wouldn't stop. I practically jumped out of my skin and sprinted into the hall. I wonder whether there were actually people walking towards my cabin and if I really needed to be scared which I probably didn't.  I felt quite annoyed after they did that.  After all of that the teachers came charging in “Beeeee quiet. You need to be asleep.”  This is not what it was like the next day, in fact it was probably worse.

My most annoying moment let's see what was it? Oh that's right drama, you know on movies there's always lots of drama going on? Well that's what it was like, at least that's what it felt like. There was a lot of drama going on between ⅚ of people in my cabin and a person in another cabin. This is what it was like: “Well you said this because you sai…

Science journal

Week 4

Trebuchet if you have been looking at my science journal on my blog you will know that we have been doing a science journal about rocket balloon science each week.   This week we started focusing on a trebuchet catapult. I think that this has really helped my learning about gathering/interpreting data and inferencing.  I noticed that the more weights we put in the further it goes until about the seventh try it had a lot of weights and didn't go as far as the one before it. I think it didn't go as far because the more weight pushed it down faster and so wasn't able to get as directed therefore couldn't get as much height to go further. I wonder if there is a certain weight that will make it go further than without or with more weight  in the counterweight.   My data gatherings are multistructural because some things are accurate but some maybe are not accurate or reliable.  My inferences are multistructural because they aren't all accurate but I think a few o…